The founder of the bath, Lajos Szentléleki Zsóry, chief administrative officer of Mezőkövesd and a Member of Parliament, conducted test drills to find oil on his estate in 1938. Instead of oil, a 100-foot geyser of hot water sprang up when the drill bit hit a Triassic water reservoir some 2500 feet below ground on February 25, 1939. Its healing properties make the water a valuable natural asset for Hungary and the whole of Europe.

Zsory Spa, Thermal bath and Swimming Pool

Type of water and Indicatuions
Alkaline, salty, chloridic, sulphurous, thermal water
Indications: the inactive stages of chronic degenerative bone and joint diseases, , the inactive stages of chronic, inflammatory locomotor disorders (eg. rheumatoid arthritis, articular diseases, Bechterew-disease), traumatic aftercare, aftercare following bone or joint operations, chronic neuritis, nervous pains, chronic crick in the back (lumbago), skin diseases: psoriasis, chronic, inflammatory gynaecological diseases , general spiritual and physical exhaustion, for external (bath) treatment, muscle rheumatism
Contra-indications: the active stages of inflammatory diseases and joint degeneration of the locomotor system, malignant tumorous diseases (including leukaemia), feverish conditions, phlebitis, thrombosis, deficiencies of the heart and the circulatory system, conditions after a heart attack (until 6 months), tuberculosis
Special contraindication: no
Medical services: thermal water tub bath, effervescent bath, underwater jet massage, mud treatment, Finnish sauna, infra-sauna, medical pool, weight bath, medical massage, rheumatology, first-aid provided during opening hours
Total number of swimming pools: 14
Opening hours: SEASONAL POOLS 1.May-14.June 7.30am–6pm, 15. June -31.Aug 7.30am–8pm THERMAL AND ADVENTURE POOLS 1.Sept-14.Jun 7.30am–6pm 15.June-31.Aug 7.30am–8pm
Admission: Entrance fee (2014): 
Adult (HUF): 1.700, 
Child (HUF): 1.500 - Age limit: 4~18, 
Senior (HUF): 1.500,
AFTERNOON ticket after 2 pm: 1.300 HUF, 
NIGHT BATH on the announced days: 1.300 HUF, 
Family entrance 2 Adult+2 child (4-18 age limit) 5.200 HUF, 
Saunaworld dayticket (+Entrance ticket needed): 2.000 HUF 
Entrance fee (2014. VII.1-VIII.31.): Adult (HUF): 1.900, Child (HUF): 1.600 - Age limit: 4~18, Senior (HUF): 1.600,AFTERNOON ticket after 2 pm: 1.400 HUF, NIGHT BATH on the announced days: 1300 HUF, Family entrance 2 Adult+2 child (4-18 age limit) 5.500 HUF, Saunaworld dayticket (+Entrance ticket needed): 2.000 HUF

Additional fees: Massage and Treatments

Further information: